Tips for Making a Small Backyard Feel Spacious

potted plants and backyard shedIf you have a small backyard and feel like you are limited to the things you can do to make your space warm and inviting, try adding a few features that will make it more appealing. Even small backyards can be utilized as an extension of your home and a place to entertain family and friends. Below are a few ideas that you can use to make the most of your small backyard. Some require more planning than others, but whether you’re an industrious home improvement maven, or a homeowner simply looking for a few quick and cost-effective fixes, there are numerous ways to make your backyard more spacious.

Size and Material Appropriate Furniture

While you want your outdoor furniture to be comfortable, you don’t want it to overwhelm your outdoor space. For example, it may be more appropriate to have chairs with end tables or a quaint two-person table, instead of a table that seats four. Also look for pieces that can be positioned in a manner that will keep your patio space streamlined and flowing so that you can easily walk around your outdoor space.

Repurposed or distressed wood often gives a unique charm to outdoor furniture, and work best in smaller forms. Many homeowners with small backyards opt for rustic materials for their outdoor furniture, which also require less upkeep and maintenance.

Keep Enclosures Open

A popular trend in outdoor patios and small backyards is to add areas that create shade. However, these shade-creating structures, such as panels or pergolas, can make your living space feel smaller if not done right. If you are going to add partial enclosures, do so with roofs that have skylights or walls made from lattice that will add privacy and shade, but have an open feeling. Wood crafters are often a sought-after choice for charming and space-saving enclosures.

Go Vertical

One of the best ways to work with small spaces is to utilize vertical space. For example, if you do not have the room to plant a traditional vegetable or flower garden in your yard, consider planting vertical gardens on fences and hanging plants from vertical structures. If you don’t have any places to hang foliage vertically, consider adding a post or structure that you can use to hang greenery from, without taking up too much of your floor space.

bambooCreating Privacy

Homeowners with small backyards are often jutted squarely next to their surrounding neighbors. While it can be sometimes be a joy to have friendly homeowners nearby, small backyards are often problematic for creating privacy. Property-line plantings are best for screening in the front yard, but for the backyard, homeowners can turn to a variety of differing features. Naturally, fences and walls form the best privacy-defining structures, with board fences being among the most popular choice, but this is often lacking in aesthetics. It doesn’t take too long to begin sprucing up a boring fence with help from bamboo or other giant leafy plants.

More Plant Ideas

Even if you have room to plant a garden, it can take up too much of the valuable floor space in your yard. For the best of both worlds, plant flowers, trees, and vegetables in small or medium pots. This will give you the freedom and flexibility to move your pots around to the areas that best fit your current space needs.

Add Lighting

Adding lighting to a small space will make it feel roomier. You can do this by adding fixtures to the side of your house or by stringing lights along the outer edges of your yard.

Frame Your Space

Even though your space is small you can frame the outer edges of your yard with a line of shrubs, a thin row of flower beds, a low rock wall, or a fence. By framing your space you will give it a distinct structure and flow. When choosing the medium to create your frame make sure the shape, scale, and color are a good representation of the theme you want to create in your yard.

All of these ideas allow you to create a welcoming space in a small yard that is well-organized and functional. If you have a small yard that you don’t enjoy with frequency, consider adding the elements mentioned above to encourage more outdoor activity and fun.