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How To Replace A Kitchen Sink

It is inevitable for homeowners to be faced with the task of picking out a new kitchen sink and faucet, and many homeowners will pay a professional to install them. Did you know that you can save a lot of money by not hiring a professional to install your sink and faucet, but instead learning how to install them yourself? Below is a step-by-step guide for replacing your kitchen sink and faucet. This provides you with a less costly, and more convenient, sink and faucet replacing experience.

Step One: Choose the right sink for your home
Choosing the right sink for your home involves considering different surfaces and knowing the sink dimensions that you need. Finding the sink compatible with your family’s needs and lifestyle ensures that your sink will maintain a polished appearance for as long as possible. This also ensures that the sink you choose is as easy to maintain as possible.

Many homeowners choose porcelains sinks for their aesthetic appeal. Porcelains sinks, however, may not be the best choice for kitchens; often, it is best to use them only in bathrooms. The porcelain surface can easily chip or crack if a heavy pot is dropped on it. Heavy, stainless steel sinks can be a great choice for kitchens. Not only are they easy to clean, but their durability helps them to maintain a beautiful appearance for years to come.  Granite sinks are also a lovely option, they look great with tile countertops, and they can be very affordable in price.

Step Two: Turn off the water supply
Open the cabinet that is directly underneath your sink and then shut off the water using the shutoff valve. Place a large bucket under the trap to catch any excess water that may come out.

Step Three: Loosen the slip nuts on the drain
Loosen the slip nuts on both sides of the drain on the sink you are replacing. Do not forget to also disconnect any connections to dishwashers or garbage disposals.

Step Four: Remove the old sink by cutting through its seals
Begin by unscrewing any mounting clips that may be on the sink. After you have done this, take a utility knife and cut through any caulk or adhesive that is connecting the kitchen sink to the countertop. Make sure to remove the seal lining on the perimeter of the sink. Be careful–you do not want to hurt yourself, or scratch the kitchen counter when using your utility knife. Once all of the clips have been loosened and the seal has been broken, you may lift the sink out of its place and set it somewhere nearby.Kitchen





Step Five: Make sure your new sink will fit correctly
Your new sink is likely to have a different depth than your old sink. Because of this, you need to test out, or measure, the new sink to determine whether or not you will need to change the length of the new drain pipe.

Step Six: Set up the basket strainer and faucet
Before installing the sink, turn it over and install both the basket strainer and the faucet using Teflon tape and plumber’s putty. Doing this before installing the sink allows for an upright position and an easier installation.
Step Seven: Apply sealant to the new sink
After attaching the lines, use silicone sealant to line the edge of the opening where your sink will go. Place your new sink in this opening.

Step Eight: Tighten the new mounting clips and make plumbing connections
Once you’ve placed your new sink in its proper place, tighten the mounting clips that are on the bottom portion. Make any needed plumbing connections, such as the trap and drainpipe.

Step Nine: Connect the water lines to your new sink
Connect the supply tubes on your new sink to the shutoffs. Make sure that you connect the cold water on the right and the hot water on the left.

Step Ten: Turn on the water supply and check your work
After turning the water supply on, test your faucet to make sure that it is working correctly. Give the silicone sealant a few hours to dry, then clean up any excess using your utility knife.

This article was written by Jared Miret, home handyman.  Jared is happy to share his love of home improvement through blogging.  If you have any problems installing the sink, or need a hand with pluming or leaks, he recommends finding affordable leak detection in Houston.