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Top 5 Patio Designs

Having an outdoor patio to entertain guests and spend quality time with your family may be high on your list of priorities. If you are considering adding a patio to your outdoor living space, you may be looking for a source of inspiration. The patios of today rival the features, functions, and comfort of indoor living spaces—even outdoors in the fresh air. Below are a few ideas to help you get inspired when building or redesigning the right patio for your backyard.

Even basic patios can be cool and fun if they are accessorized correctly. For example, if you have a fairly basic concrete patio, you can easily dress it up by building a patio cover or awning, adding decorative potted plants, or lining the concrete with a flowerbed or bushes. You can also invest in luxurious patio furniture in a color pattern or theme that best expresses your personality. The more comfortable and inviting your patio, the more your friends and family will want to enjoy the outdoors.
While most patios have some amount of greenery or outdoor elements nearby, you may choose to create a garden patio where your greenery and flowerbeds are the primary focal point. There are many ways to create a garden patio. For example, you could create walls or a patio cover using a lattice that you thread with ivy or a climbing flower such as wisteria or sweet pea. You can also build your patio into the center of your garden or flowerbed and mix in elements such as a koi pond or a tranquil fountain.

Poolside Patios
If you have a pool or hot tub outside, your patio design may be based around maximizing these outdoor water elements. For example, adjustable lounge chairs that allow you to sunbathe go hand-in-hand with poolside patios. You may also want lower side tables for your poolside patio that allow you to access snacks and beverages while lounging or while floating over to the edge of the pool to grab a bite to eat or a drink. Don’t forget that you and your guests may prefer a break from the sun while lounging poolside, so create some shaded areas with patio umbrellas, awnings, or built-in structures. Also consider adding a pool house for changing in and out of swimwear and storing water accessories. You may even want an outdoor restroom.

Screened Patios
If you want the fresh air and light of the outdoors but want to keep the comforts of the indoors and a greater sense of privacy, consider a screened patio. Screened patios can be built with removable windows or screens so the patio can be enjoyed regardless of the weather. These types of patios can have indoor light fixtures, electrical outlets, and even indoor furniture depending on their exposure to the elements. You can add a door that leads directly to your yard and your outdoor grilling space. Screened patios are the ideal choice if you would like to have a year-round formal patio.
Outdoor Living Room
Outdoor Kitchen Designs
One of the fastest-growing trends in outdoor patios is building a patio with all the features and functions of an indoor kitchen. These patios will include a sink, refrigeration, drawers, cupboards, and even a range and oven. If you prefer the idea of grilling outdoors you can build in a brick oven, or you can leave a space between your counters to keep your preferred grill easily accessible. One of the many advantages of having an outdoor kitchen is that it eliminates the need to run to and from the house to keep food items at a safe temperature. It also allows you to prepare food on your outdoor counter space and gives you a built-in serving area. You can even build bar-style seating or use traditional patio furniture for your outdoor kitchen.

Each of the patio ideas above is a general theme you can use for inspiration. However, you can add your own personality and style to your outdoor patio by selecting furniture and accessories in the color, décor, and theme that best suits your tastes. With the growing popularity of creating outdoor living spaces, your options for outdoor furniture and dining wear have gone from cheap and flimsy plastic to comfortable, elegant, and luxurious.

This article was written by Jared Miret.  Jared is a father and home handyman who loves reading up on tips for building a great patio, DIY home projects, and great home improvement ideas.  He gives these things a try, then blogs about his real experience.