Elegant Painting Makes Your House a Home

Since 1978 Fordham MacLean (FM) has been painting in the Boulder, Colorado region. Their dedication to detail and precision in all their work means that customers have a perfect paint job that satisfies every time. Hector told me when I asked what his biggest concern was: “We try not to make the painting process an intrusion on your life.” He explained that while it is an involved process it can also go very quickly and very quietly.


He told me further that even though they can handle any paint job, they are continuously focused on detail and getting the job done just right. Customer satisfaction is another main concern for Hector.

We feel color consultation is very important and offer it free of charge as part of our regular service. Spending time on color consultation at the beginning of the job helps prevent the common problem of customers suddenly hating the color at the end of the job, preventing them from having to pay for another coat of paint.


He explains further that people typically pick colors from little paint chips; he says “Usually people pick colors from a little swatch, not realizing how different it will look on a larger surface in changing light.” Hector further explains that he paints a large swatch of each color his customer is interested in on the side of the house and then goes away for a few days. “We like to let you live with those colors for a couple of days so you can see what they look like over time…”, he explains.

Hector continues on to tell me that he and his crew can handle everything from a single wall to an entire house, inside, outside, residential, commercial, and everything in between. He tells me that his favorite paint is a ‘green’ paint, not one that is green, but one that has no toxins in it. He says that “…they are a new form of water bourne paints that in most cases perform even better than latex paints”! However, that doesn’t mean he and his crew don’t know how to use other paints. On the contrary. They do everything in the book, including faux finishes, venetian plaster, oil-based enamels, urethanes, and much, much more. They even do repairs when needed, though, he says “[w]e [do] bring in trusted carpenters when the repairs are beyond our scale”.

Carpenters aren’t the only professional that Hector and his team partner with. He says that he “also enjoy[s] working with interior designers and colorists” especially because his wife is a world-renowned artist and author. He defers to her when his team runs into particularly difficult color combinations.

Hector tells me about his experience working in Boulder and Denver as a painter.

In 35 years of painting in Boulder and Denver, we’ve done it all. From 5 story exteriors using 80′ booms to painting one office, to painting hundreds of offices in banks, aerospace facilities, warehouses, hotels, apartment buildings, malls, factories, pharmaceutical plants, clean rooms, bridges and stadiums. The harder the job, the more we enjoy the challenge.

Recently Hector added parking lot lettering and striping to his arsenal of services. He tells me that his team handles all of it: from signs, to stripes, arrows, letters, numbers, and anything else a client thinks of.

One of his longtime services has been lead paint removal. He and his team are EPA certified for renovation, repair, and painting involving lead based paints. He comments to me at this point, saying that “We provide lead testing at no charge to the customer…” His dedication to customer service seems to be without boundary. This is reinforced when he later tells me that “[i]ncluded in our price is the power washing of all gutters.” At this point I’m thinking to myself that I know who I want to have paint my house.

Our conversation continues on; he tells me that he feels strongly about color consultations, and that he offers them for free so that he knows when he finishes painting the result is exactly what the customer wants.

He leaves me with a final statement:

I, Hector MacLean, have been the owner and hands on operator of Fordham & MacLean Painting in Boulder since 1978. We do about 60% residential, 30% commercial and 10% high end new construction. I am personally on every job working side by side with my crew, each of whom have been working with me for a minimum of 8 years. We take great pride in our work and enjoy painting and uplifting people’s lives. In painting the 3 most important things are prep, prep, prep. We take great pains to do things the right way so that our jobs last and last. We are neat, professional and fun to work with and our customers are always right.

38 years of experience cannot be wrong. Fordham MacLean painters are considered the best house and commercial painting companies in Denver and Boulder.